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white tail park playground

South Pointe Lafayette Neighborhood

Boulder County Neighborhood Of The WeekSouth Pointe Lafayette Colorado is a newer community with excellent proximity to shopping, services, open space and medical facilities.  The neighborhood boasts … [Read More...]


2nd Flatiron Trail

Chautauqua BoulderOne of the community gems is the Chautauqua hiking area.  There are a number of trails to select from. On a recent warm winter's day, my wife and I went for a hike at 2nd Flatiron … [Read More...]

creek meanders with mountains in background; late fall/early winter 2014 boulder colorado

Boulder Realtors December Newsletter

For Luxury Home Market It is a Green ChristmasAs in seeing the green.  This week, there were five sales over the one million dollar mark. And two of these Boulder homes were under contract inside of … [Read More...]

photo of DIY design board by Lori L (my home buying client) in a condo

DIY Design Board

Home Buying ProcessVaries for every transaction. Some homes are ready to go, others need to be gutted.  In the middle, nice properties that will benefit from upgrading.  My current client, a repeat … [Read More...]

sinde the llousville lamar donuts shop

Louisville Lamar Donuts

Breakfast, Coffee, DonutsDo you really need an excuse to enjoy Louisville Lamar Donuts?  These delectable treats are a mainstay in town.  Louisville Lamar Donuts is located on McCaslin Boulevard near … [Read More...]