Color Run 2013

The Denver Color Run

Runners at the Denver Color Run

Noah, Kim, Laurie, Jenny, Julie and Bob, Denver Color Run 2012, City Park

This has to be the happiest 5K run you will ever get a chance to participate in and its coming back to Denver for a second year in a row.  Last year’s event sold out quickly, so be certain to register for this event as fast as you can.  The race is a fun, colorful, crazy time unlike any other road race you will participate in this year.

The happiest 5K on the planet

They say to wear a while t-shirt; what the organizers don’t mention is you will be going home plenty colorful and very dirty.  Though we were covered from head to toe in colorful dust, no one seemed to mind.  In fact, we were having so much fun, we didn’t really want to leave after the race had ended.  That’s okay too, because the organizers had music going after the race and every few minutes a new dust bowl of color would erupt when participants in the audience threw more paint packets into the air.

Just added 12/26/2012; New Video!!!


Color Run 2013 Details

The Color Run is on April 28th, 2013 in Denver’s City Park.  Registration opens on January 15th.  There is a Facebook page you can join with maps, photographs and a chance to connect with your friends. Go the the Facebook page here.  Here is a great video of the Denver race – maybe you will find yourself in it from last year.  Every kilometer, you run through a cloud of color – red, blue, orange, yellow, green.  Volunteers throw lots of the colorful dust in the air and participants get little packets to throw as well.


Sign up for the Color Run 2013

Go to the Denver page here. The race benefits the Denver Children’s Hospital.  One item to keep in mind. Last year there were not too many port-a-potties, so be sure to go before you arrive. Seriously.  The event is in City Park.  There is a good map of the run with “color stations,” on the main website.

static picture of Denver's City Park

City Park – visit the official site for a great map

Here is a picture of City Park and surrounding streets. We found parking very quickly just outside of the park in 2012.  Take a big group; this is a fun race to run with friends. Also, wear your old running shoes; the color gets everywhere!

Here’s a professional grade video compilation from a lot of different places:



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