Polar Plunge 2014

Realtor Bob Gordon and others running ouf of the Boulder Reservoir after taking the polar plunge 2014

That’s me in the back,. running out of the Boulder Reservoir. Polar Plunge 2014 is going to be great!

The Special Olympics is a wonderful organization.  It is all about inspiring hope in others.  And every year, one of the great fundraisers is the polar plunge 2014 presented by Law Enforcement Torch Run.  I participated in 2013.  Let me tell you – plunging into the Boulder Reservoir is as cold as it looks in February.  And it is all for a good cause!!

My Polar Plunge Story

Yeah, it was cold. Mind numbingly cold. I remember running into the water.  It was literally ice cold.  There was an emergency fire fighter in the water, wearing a wet suit and all sorts of gear. I made eye contact, then purposefully submerged.  I counted to myself while under water – to five, then popped back up.  The fire fighter didn’t give it a moment’s notice. You know why? When I watched a video of that moment, I discovered it was just that.  A moment, a blip, a split second under water.  Forget the 5 seconds of counting.  I was under water for just a a split second. Might have felt like forever, but it was so cold it was just about: down and right back up! LOL.  Here is a link t0 photos from the past.

Bob Gordon at the polar plunge 2014 sign

Polar Plunge 2014 will be held February 8 at 1 pm at the Boulder Res

Here is what you need to know:  the event is a fundraiser. Teams take turns charging into the frigid water. After the plunge, there is a great after party with tons of door prizes and tasty food!  Nancy Chin Wagner organized my team last year.  Organize a team for the Polar Plunge 2014 – and give me a call, I’ll be sure to make a contribution towards your teams fund raising efforts.

New for the Polar Plunge 2014

This year, there will be a new Plunge that will take place in Denver’s City Park!  Plus this venue will feature a beer garden, 5K run and live music.

 Polar Plunge 2014 Event Dates

  •  Colorado Springs – February. 1, 2014
  •  Boulder – February 8, 2014
  •  Denver: Splash & Dash – February 22, 2014
  •   Aurora – March 8, 2014

FREEZIN’ FOR A REASON…it’s the 2014 Polar Plunge. Over fourteen thousand Colorado special athletes are counting on our donations this year.  It’s easy. Start a team.  Get financial pledges.  Jump in an icy cold reservoir and then try to warm up for hours.  If you manage to raise over two hundred

Bob Gordon and teammates for Boulder Polar Plunge

my 2013 Polar Plunge team

and fifty dollars, this will fund one special athlete in her or his sport for the entire season!!

 Polar Plunge 2014 Prizes

  • Highest Fundraising Individual
  • Highest Fundraising Team
  • Highest Fundraising Athlete
  • Best Costume!

Be sure to check out the Polar Plunge 2014 after party at Absinthe House in Downtown Boulder!


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