Ultimate Boulder Man Cave

The ultimate Boulder man-cave

figures, baseball fan stuff, cards, posters, an inviting wall of collector stuff

This man cave keeps you entertained.

My buddy has created the world’s greatest man cave. With, of course, the blessing and support of his wife.  The space is really not that big – just a basement bedroom. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in an amazing vibe.  This is a great space to hang out.

The man cave needs to be a great spot to stay entertained.  You don’t need a huge budget to do so. One friend of mine likes to go to garage and estate sales.  For anywhere from a nickle to dollar, he will acquire some rare piece of junk that fits nicely into one of the many  collections he has already started. 

Pez candy dispensers and past Presidents There are bins with marbles and bottle openers.  A Pez candy dispenser collection shares a shelf with a partial collection of little tiny Presidents of the United States.   There are baseball cards and signed baseballs as well as comic books and little figurines.

All in all, there is absolutely something for everyone in this space. And then, of course, there is the music.

Music makes the man cave

Hi Def music gear and a gorgeous old-school record player make for an awesome sound system Forget the digital revolution and never mind the CD collection, this man cave is sporting record albums. The sounds is fine, the vibe relaxing.  We listen to new stuff like The White Stripes and older bands from the fifties and sixties. There is something special about hearing an album, the way the band envisioned when they laid down the tracks.


What’s your Man Cave?

Baseball memorabilia

Baseball memorabilia

Other man caves about town include The Home Theater and the teen spot.  We set up our basement with second hand couches, a pool table, the ubiquitous Flat screen television and an XBox. The guys loved it – great space to “chill-lax” and get away from adults. But close enough to keep an eye on the guys with some parental supervision.

shelves of records

Music in the man cave

If you are really thinking of going all out, I have a great connection for you. Robert does high end home theaters.  His workmanship is impeccable and the theaters he creates along the Front Range are amazing.

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